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Grace Together Program

Each theme has daily focus activities you can participate in. They are designed to take 5-10 minutes (other than podcasts which you can listen to while doing other things). In the future we hope to have an app or similar format but this is a beta test, so we hope that the content is helpful.


Week 1: Cast a Vision

Week 2: Grace Together

Week 3: Gratitude

Week 4: Compassion

Week 5: Humility

Week 6: Forgiveness

Week 7: Trust

Week 8: Love (no take home)


“Watch our Small Group Weekly Videos”

Week 1: Cast a Vision of Us

Week 1: Take Home Message (play at end of Group)

Week 2: Grace Together

Week 3: Gratitude in Marriage

Week 4: Compassion in Marriage

Week 5: Humility in Marriage

Week 6: Forgiveness in Marriage

Week 7: Trust, Trusting and Trustworthiness in Marriage

Week 8: Love in Marriage


“Join the conversation on Facebook”

You can share with others at your church who are doing the Grace Together program and small group lessons. The Charis Institute will post regular links related to the theme of the week to this group, so you can keep up. You can post to others your own thoughts about the theme of the week or a specific activity you did, or even something new you found we could add to our procured collection of pro-Grace artifacts. The Daily Focus activities will also be posted to our Facebook group.

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