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Seeking to Make a Difference in These Four Areas of Investment:

Education | Resourcing university students and clinicians in counseling and psychology globally.

The Charis Institute contributes to the preparation of mental health providers by educating students in how to create and implement effective mental health interventions for society and the church.

Training |Preparing pastors and lay counselors to care for your church body through the power of psychological literature combined with ministry tools.

The Charis Institute will serve as a forerunner in preparing ministry leaders and mental health professionals in innovative methods of human care.

Research & Scholarship| Examining and assessing our work to ensure that it is helping families, couples, and ministries to flourish.

We are a community of scholars who conduct social science research into the application of Christian-related themes on marriage and families across cultures and nations. We measure the effect of our education, training and family impact to produce effective ministry.

Social Transformation | Influencing grassroots initiatives for broad social impact.

We will seek to have social impact and influence at the grassroots level of the family experience by providing assistance to those who provide marriage and family care.