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These worksheets are the basic couples worksheets used for couples enrichment or counseling:

self-help workbook that is 8 modules organized to help couples towards general relationship improvement.  The material is solid, even though the graphics are homemade.

  1. The Blessing: How to show gratitude and bless your marriage
  2. Couple’s Covenant: A chance to think about why you are married to each other
  3. Blessings and Qualities:  A look at the positive in your relationship
  4. Communication Skills:  Simple skills to effective communication
  5. TANGO Floor Cards for Communication: A method for communication to put on the floor to practice the TANGO communication skill
  6. TANGO Hand-held Card: Same as the floor cards but smaller for when you can’t stand up
  7. CLEAVE for Closeness:  A way to discuss various aspects of closeness and intimacy in your relationship
  8. Fellowship:  Improving relationship intimacy
  9. Confessions: Repairing your relationship
  10. REACH for Forgiveness: A proven method for forgiveness.  Link to further resources on forgiveness:

These worksheets are for special situations faced in enrichment or counseling:

  1. Meeting emotional needs in your relationship
  2. Creating communication rules exercise
  3. Do you have any faulty relationship assumptions?
  4. Taking responsibility for your part: Writing down your past offenses
  5. An intimacy intervention: a Sculpting intervention with homework sheets for couples
  6. Love Busters
  7. Love Buster & Love Languages (learned together)
  8. Validating Each Other
  9. Dealing with Commitment Drift
  10. Sexual intimacy for premarital couples
  11. Sensate Focus to reconnect sexually (includes anatomical drawings of males and female genitalia)
  12. Hypersexuality and Sexual Addition: Pornography problems or internet infidelity
  13. Time Outs Contract
  14. Effective Time Outs for Couples
  15. The Couples Prayer Journal


These worksheets, online help, and workbooks are not intended for severe problems or high conflict relationships.  If you find that self-help is not leading to improvements in your relationship you should seek a professional therapist who specializes in couple treatment to provide the situation needed for true change.