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But wait, before you co-sign a loan, move in together or get that adorable dog together

This video by our friends at the University of Denver communicates important principles of dating in the first year. A new dating relationship can feel amazing! You can feel like soul mates. Perhaps you feel in your heart that God has sent you “the one.” You start spending all your time together. You enjoy so many of the same things, and find yourself coming to enjoy the things that your soulmate loves to do. Your body’s hormones are all about bonding- oxytocin, norepinephrine and dopamine

But this video introduces the idea that you shouldn’t “lock yourself in” with cell phone contracts, loans, rent and mortgages with someone until you have spent enough time with them to have some fights, be around each other when you are sick, spend time with their friends and family, really get to know the person in a deeper way– for months to a year or longer.

So we encourage some patience, some wisdom, some thoughtfulness. Before you get into a contract or adopt that dog together. Do you want the same things? Are you both thinking about the long haul or is this roommates for now without considering a 5 or 10+ year plan? Do you have values that work together? Does the person have character qualities that make for a good mate like humility, other-orientation, and forgiving?

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