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There are several things you can do this week to take the ideas home with you.  You can do them in order or not.  You can do all of them or some of them.  If you already have a devotional or quiet time you could use these as part of that time, or not.  It is your choice.  The important thing is to make choices with the leading of the Holy Spirit towards the ideals, values and future relationship that you really want.

Below are daily ideas to focus on that carry the ideas from the small group home with you.  It is in your daily life, at home, with people you spend time with where your life is shaped into the life you want it to be.  See if these fit into the values and ideals of the spouse, neighbor, church member, parent, family member, co-worker… that you are meant to be.  This applies to any relationship but we invite you to focus especially on applying these ideas in your marriage.  

You do not need to do these together- some couples may want to do them together and if you both want to do that, its OK.  Mny couples may find that doing it separately and then sharing what you learned as your drive to group each week works great for you.  The most important thing is that you spend time regularly focused on things that really matter to you, whether or not you do it together.

What is most important is that it fits you and God’s working plan for your life and marriage.