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Scripture: Colossians 3: 14-17

The Formula

1. Raised with _________

2. Mind and heart set on things above.

3. Identify the pattern: _______. __________. ___________

4. Exercise the exchange of _______________

5. Clothe yourself with good things

____________ the weeds. ____________ the roses.

Like Corduroy we find in goodness, what we always wanted. What good thing from Colossians 3 have you always wanted in your marriage?

Session Six: Discussion

  • What 1-2 objects in your home represent your love story?

2. Please pull out your roses (if you were able to get them) and turn to your spouse now and exchange your commitment for your relationship going forward. What is something you learned in this course you want to commit to doing in your relationship? (You can follow the lead of Imani and Stanley’s words in the video)