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Their ________ feels like it’s against me.

The baby’s first defense is to _______.

What examples did the speakers give of good ways to handle pain?

Do you use any of the examples that the speakers gave in your life?

The suit that protects you can also _____ you.

Defense can become _________.

Adding healthy responses and using them more _______.

Scripture reference was Colossians 3:_____.

Session Four: Discussion

1. When during the week is the most stressful time for your family?

2. Do you see the pain-defense-offense pattern happening at that time more often?

3. Do you have complicated situations in your lives that are hard to live with? Able to share one?

4. Do you find that you “use up” all your patience, kindness, and self-control while at work/parenting/ministering to others and you have little left for each other at the end of the day? How?