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Scripture: Colossians 3: 12-13

The three things essential in succeeding at any task

• ____________

• ____________

• ____________

____________ is both the grand essential theme of God’s redemptive plan and the way that couples intentionally alter their conflict cycle.

Session Five: Discussion

1. Share a time when someone who had not had to be good to you went out of their way to do so.

2. Now share a time when you showed someone grace from which there was not obligation, expectation or necessity…It was just good to do.

3. Go back and look at the top character traits you said were your spouse a couple of weeks ago. When you hear this list of Christian virtues, are you encouraged or discouraged by them? What is your sense of your ability to engage in the positive virtues of Christian life?

4. Where do you get your support for Christian living?

or Possible places you get support for Christian living?

▪ Church services

▪ Listening to podcasts/watching YouTube videos about your faith

▪ Attending retreats

▪ Christian classes

▪ Small group Bible study

▪ Talking with friends/family about spiritual things

▪ Worship music

▪ Reading scripture

▪ Prayer

▪ Reading stories about Christian heroes

▪ Studying theology

▪ Serving others

▪ Celebrating holidays like Easter or Christmas

5. What spiritual practices do you engage in on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis?

6. Are there any practices on that list that affect your relationship with your spouse for the good?

7. Return to the list of positive virtues from the very first session. What did your spouse say was your #1 relationship virtue? What is something you could do more of, inspired by that positive trait?

8. What purpose, peers or practice do you need to accomplish that?