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The _______ system in our brains takes over when in pain.

The presence of people’s _________ becomes ________ to us.

Stanley had to get along with his _____ and _____ at the same time

Imani believed she is all _____.

What happens to ____ when in pain.

Painful Feelings Word Bank

Angry type feelings: Agitated, bothered, irritated, offended, enraged, furious

Confused type feelings: Clueless, lost, mixed up, mystified, perplexed, stumped

Attacked type feelings: blamed, cornered, attacked

Fear type feelings: anxious, apprehensive, concerned, fearful, edgy, nervous, petrified

Hurt type feelings: Belittled, broken, inadequate, insignificant, rejected, small, wounded

Lonely type feelings: abandoned, alone, disconnected, forgotten, unappreciated

Overwhelmed type feelings: Ambushed, shocked, stunned

Sad type feelings: blue, bummed, disappointed, discouraged, grieving, helpless, hopeless

Tired type feelings: Burned out, drained, exhausted

Session Three: Discussion

1. When something in life gets under your skin, what do you usually do? Do you tend to fight the pain or try and escape it?

2. How might God allow pain in your life as a way to strengthen your character?