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Create a Rule of Life or Marriage Covenant Statement

On the retreat we introduced you to Jose and Gina’s Rule of Life for their marriage.  They wrote a beautiful statement of the ideals of what they want their marriage to be.  Write a rule of life or marriage covenant statement for yourselves, type it up in a nice font and frame it on your wall if you like.  

Javier and Gina’s rule of life (for inspiration)

We will commit to seeking God’s Kingdom first in all that we are and do. Our home will be a place where family, friends and guests find joy, comfort, peace and happiness. We will exercise wisdom in what we choose to eat, read and do in our home.  We will learn to love another as we develop our own talents.  We will exercise initiative in accomplishing our life’s goals.  We will act on situations as opportunities, rather than to be acted upon.  We will always try to keep ourselves free from addictive and destructive habits.  We will develop habits that free us from old labels and limits and expand our capabilities and choices.  Our money will be our servant, not our master.  Our wants will be subject to our needs and means.  We will honor God and choose to obey him every day of our lives.