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When I see an old friend from high school, they tend to remind me of my high school days because I identify them as someone from high school.  Although it may not always be natural to see your partner and immediately think of them as a child of God, that identity can come more naturally if you make God a more frequent topic of conversation. 

Make a habit of asking your partner questions such as, “What is God doing in your life,” and “when you are forgiven by God, what is your experience of that?” Although spiritual bonding can be difficult, it can also be extremely rewarding.  Often, couples will spend more time focusing on their problems than on growing spiritually. 

Having a spiritual viewpoint that seems larger than many of life’s daily problems can help you grow through life’s obstacles.  When caught up in the rigors of life, it can be difficult to feel motivated to continue to serve your partner.  Try and connect spiritually with your partner and ask God to help you move past many of your own problems to focus on those of your partner.

man and woman holding hands

When your partner is being spiritually vulnerable with you, it may seem natural to feel as if you have to fix their problems or control their growth with God. Be thankful that you’re not ultimately responsible for your partner’s growth!

The ultimate responsibility for your partner’s spiritual growth rests with God, so have discernment in sharing concerns.  If you need to share a concern with your partner, remember that it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict them and change them. Spiritual growth can be encouraged in your partner if you accept them as they are, just as Jesus loves you as you are.