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Try the activities below together with your partner to strengthen your understanding and practice of forgiveness in your relationship.

man hugging woman near trees

The Fetzer Institute has collected a group of short exercises that only take a few minutes that focus a person towards forgiveness.   

This is a 5 minute exercise to visualize forgiveness. This exercise is adapted from Robin Casarjian’s Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart. 

Visualize forgiveness

A 5 minute exercise to consider revenge and forgiveness in American culture. 

Considering Revenge and Forgiveness

This 5 minute exercise helps examine pessimism and how to move away from pessimism. 

Destroy the lens of pessimism

This is an interactive, kind-of meditative exercise that guides you toward letting go.


Over this whole small group curriculum you have been learning various ways to bring positive ideas into your life and your family.  These cards are a practical way you might consider keeping the ideas near your mind.  Put them on your fridge, mirror, car, desk, anywhere to remind you of what is truly important in your life and family. 

Letting Go