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man and woman standing shallow body of water
Even the closest of couples sometimes experience stressors, either inside or outside of the relationship. Life stressors are numerous and always changing. Extraneous variables such as work or kids can “get in the way” of your bond with your partner. 
Even something as simple as having different priorities in the moment could create distance.  Nerves may be frayed from a lack of control in your life or from your job. 
Whatever is happening, situations from the outside world can wriggle their way inside the world of your relationship. You may find yourselves running out of things to say.  Maybe you have been critiquing and nagging more than usual. For whatever reason, you and your partner may not be feeling as close to each other as before. 
It is natural for partners to sometimes get on each other’s nerves and feel distant; that is what happens when two people share their lives together for an extended amount of time. 
The following are some resources and ideas for you and your love to try when you want to repair the damage from regular fraying and shearing of your relationship ties, or simply find new ways to increase your bond.