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Learn how to stop the negative pattern of hostility and conflict in your relationship by identifying the cycle and the triggers.  This activity helps couples that have a history of engaging in hostility very quickly for relatively minor offenses or even neutral behaviors. 

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To participate in this module complete the following activities:

1)    Read our blog on this topic at the link provided here:

2)    Take a pre-test below on the pattern of conflict within your relationship and write down your scores.

3)    Watch the 5 minute video below on Negative Reciprocity (together if possible)

4)    Download and Complete the worksheet on Cycle of Negative Reciprocity in your relationship with your partner

5)    Once you’ve completed the previous activities, retake the self-test on pattern of conflict within your marriage, discuss what might improve your relationship with your partner, and compare your post-test results with the pre-test.

Step 2:  Take the pre-test on negative reciprocity in your relationship  (if you aren’t working with a Hope consultant then type in “self directed” as the name of your consultant).

Take the survey –  SurveyMonkey 

Step 3:  Watch this brief presentation.  This presentation can be watched separately or together to learn more about Negative Reciprocity.

Step 4:  Download to complete the Negative Reciprocity Cycle Worksheet

Step 5:  After completing the information learned and the attributions worksheet together, scroll down and take the short self-test again and see if you answers change.  (if you aren’t working with a Hope consultant then type in “self directed” as the name of your consultant)

Take the survey –  SurveyMonkey