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Expressing Gratitude 

Did your parents express gratitude for each other’s efforts in the relationship? If so, how?  

How did your parents negotiate gender roles and responsibilities? 

What types of acts of service do you perform for your partner? Similarly, how do you assign and  manage household and parenting responsibilities?  

Describe how you and your partner express gratitude for each another. What are you grateful that  your partner does for you? 

What do you perceive as your partner’s needs regarding recognition of effort and appreciation? What does it mean to you to give thanks and express gratitude? And in your relationship?

couple holding hands while sitting

Follow-up Activity: 

Between this session and the next, look for opportunities to express gratitude for the acts of service  and kindness your partner does for you, even the small ones. Record three of these instances to  share with your therapist for the next session.