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What if the love you felt from your partner and children was like a bank account? How much credit would you want in your account – a little or a lot? If the answer is a lot, then check out this activity!

This activity is targeted for couples with children and/or blended families. It is geared toward helping you focus on the positive things you and your family does for one another.

To participate in this module complete the following activities:

Step 1: Read our blog on the topic here!

Step 2:  Watch this brief presentation.  This presentation can be watched separately or together to learn more about Family Love Bank.

Important Notice: This presentation is  not intended for individuals who have experienced a serious offense, such as infidelity or domestic violence. These behaviors should be addressed with a couple therapist.

Step 3:  Download to complete the Family Love Bank worksheet:

Step 4: Once you’ve completed the previous activities, retake the self-test on Family Love Bank, discuss what might improve your relationship with your partner, and compare your post-test results with the pre-test.