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two person wearing blue jeans standing on gray concrete stair

You wear many hats in your life—maybe you are
spouse/partner, parent, son/daughter, employee, friend,
neighbor, church member, or underwater basket weaving club
president. During life transitions, our roles often change. We
may lose or add roles, or the tasks of our current roles may
shift. Your role within your relationship could feel a little
different too. Maybe you used to do the grocery shopping, but
now your partner is the one working from home, so it makes
sense for them to take it over. Maybe you used to be the social
one in the relationship, but now you feel too drained to plan outings with friends for you and your partner.

There is nothing wrong with changes like these, but sometimes they can make us feel a little lost or even
unsure of our identity or our value. You are probably both bringing expectations into this new life
situation, but you might not know what your partner is hoping or imagining (you might not even know
what you are hoping or imagining!). It is important to communicate with your partner about how you are
feeling about changes in your roles.

Below is the pdf for the ‘Wearing Many Hats’ activity for you and your partner to print and try at home!